Happy Hour Fit Club | Kerrie DaVanon
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Sports, fitness and adventures have always been a part of my life. But honestly after my career with sports came to an end. I could not ignite my inner passion for fitness. Every avenue of fitness… was… well… boring and not what I needed.

I wish I was the woman who could run on the treadmill for a million years or take a group class day after day. I missed the camaraderie of training and working out in a group setting. I missed having a little competition to make me dig deep. I miss hearing laughter while working out. And most of all I missed felling good in my own skin.

A few years ago everything changed! As a result, I have developed a program that will change the way you feel about working out! At Happy Hour Fit Club we are a fitness family. We workout together, race together, compete in weight loss challenges, gather for family bbq’s, take fun girl trips, meet for happy hour and the list goes on…

Once you experience Happy Hour Fit Club you will feel excited about getting fit! You will look forward to the challenging workouts and push yourself beyond what you dreamed possible!


  • Create fun, diverse and challenging workouts
  • Build a program where fitness becomes a lifestyle
  • Encourage social relationships
  • Develop custom healthy eating plans (by a certified nutritionist)

“Once you join our fitness family you will not only look forward to working out but will begin to inspire others!”