I am a devoted mother of two and married to my best friend, Scott. From a young age, I loved running and organized sports. If there was a fitness class, I tried to conquer it.

There were aspects of every class I enjoyed but nothing stuck. After having two children and dedicating myself 100% to them, I decided it was time to do something for myself. The buzz on the street was Happy Hour Fit Club and after just one class, I was hooked! It has changed the way I view fitness. Happy Hour Fit Club has renewed my commitment to making fitness a priority in my life. My current goal is to compete in the sprint triathlon on the base and encourage others to train with me.

In the past year, my momentum has shifted from not working out at all to never missing a workout, changing my diet, running races, looking forward to ultimate frisbee ever saturday, and becoming a certified trainer!

I am proud of myself and excited to share my love of working out and expertise to help others find their passion and devotion for fitness and living a healthy life style.